Add-on seminars is a new way for singers to get especially the topics they want covered in their further education. At CVI we constantly adjust based on the feedback we get from the amazing singes who attend our courses. One request we get again and again is that singers would like to be able to spend more time on specific subjects to become further specialised in these topics. Therefore, we are now offering single seminars as add-ons to other CVI educations.

An add-on seminar consists of 3-days on a chosen topic of interest, offering each participant the opportunity to further develop their knowledge and skills within a certain area that they wish to explore. The seminar could explore one subject in depth – or be an extra seminar as you know it from one of the existing courses.

Add-on seminars could be used to further specialise on subjects such as Singing with effects, Interpretation, Rhythm, Improvisation etc. Specifically, for the singers from the 3-year course topics for the add-on seminars could include Research, Choir work, Pedagogics, Emergency Aid, Teaching children, Teaching each other (TEO) and many more.

The seminars vary in their level of advancement on a single topic. Having completed an add-on of for example ‘Singing with Effects’, it is possible at another time to take another add-on of ‘Singing with Effects’ at a higher level. This gives each singer the opportunity to constantly develop in the direction s/he wants as more advanced single-subject seminars are offered.

Only singers who are currently enrolled at CVI or have previously completed a CVI course can participate in the add-on seminars. Add-on seminars will be offered based on demand, and will be gradually extended with more add-ons as singers show an interest in certain subjects. Should you have a request for an add-on seminar, please let Michelle Sanders know at

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