Support Training

August 2nd, 2017|Tags: |

Exhale and then inhale. While exhaling make a quiet ‘sss’ sound with your tongue. The [...]


August 1st, 2017|Tags: |

When twanging, the opening of the epiglottic funnel is made smaller by bringing the arytenoid [...]

Creak and creaking

July 31st, 2017|Tags: |

Creak and creaking takes place at the vocal cord level (Level 1). The very delicate [...]

Inner support

July 26th, 2017|Tags: |

To support a note, the support needs to be a continuous and dynamic movement, and [...]

Vocal Breaks

July 25th, 2017|Tags: |

Today we share a laryngeal video of vocal breaks. The video was taken using a flexible [...]

Loud volume

July 24th, 2017|Tags: |

If you want loud volume in the low part of the voice, Overdrive and Edge [...]