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Complete Vocal Technique App

  • Universal app for iPhone & iPad
  • 323 Chapters ‘Complete Vocal Technique’
  • 950 Sound Examples in the CVT Sound Library
  • 68 Offline Videos from the CVT Research Footage
  • 288 Illustrations for visual explanation
  • Time-codes from published recordings for audio analysis
  • CVT Research footage, articles and explanations
  • get free updates, which wasn’t possible before with the book
  • download for € 69,99 in the AppStore

CVT Introduction App

  • Universal app for iPhone & iPad
  • An introduction to ‘Complete Vocal Technique’
  • Some audio and illustration materials
  • A CVT Glossary
  • Access to CVT Research with videos
  • get free updates, which wasn’t possible before with the book
  • download for free in the AppStore

Introducing the most advanced and comprehensive vocal technique app available

Revolutionising the availability of vocal technique

With the Complete Vocal Technique app you get your own personal copy of the entire CVT system available at your fingertips. The app combines easily understandable explanations of vocal technique with pedagogical illustrations, graphs, and research to give quick, practical, and applicable solutions to any issue of the voice. All technical, theoretical and pedagogical explanations are supported by an extensive library of sound examples and singing exercises consisting of real life audio examples sung by professional singers. With the Complete Vocal Technique app you have access to all of this in the palm of your hand – in one app – that you can use wherever and whenever you need it.

An app that focuses on you

Unlock the sounds you want in your own voice with simple tools, visuals, sound examples and training tips. The Complete Vocal Technique app helps you reach higher, lower, longer, and faster notes in all volumes, pitches, and sound colours, with any vocal effect in a healthy manner.

Complete Vocal Technique (CVT) is the world’s biggest singing technique and it has helped professional singers from all over the world for more than 25 years. CVT covers the latest and most innovative research in anatomy, physiology and voice science to secure that any singer can perform any desired sound in a healthy manner.

One App – Endless Possibilities

Chapters that cover everything

With its 323 chapters, the Complete Vocal Technique app gives you access to all published material on CVT in one place, organised in simple menus with short-cuts to relevant and related vocal technique content. This includes many new, expanded, and revised chapters from the Complete Vocal Technique book.

A picture is worth a thousand words

Singing should be made easy – simple texts, simple illustrations. The app text is explained by the 288 different illustrations that exemplify everything from anatomy and physiology to training tips and exercises.

Science in motion

Featuring 68 videos from research studies, the Complete Vocal Technique app makes research available, when you need – even offline so no internet connection is required. The app contains research footage of actual voices singing all the modes and effects.

Covers all styles of music

The CVT app represents ground-breaking approaches within vocal pedagogy, and helps professional as well as amateur singers reach new potential and solve problems within any genre and style. The app covers techniques for all styles of music, how to control the four vocal modes, speech techniques, mastering the vocal effects – training all sounds in a healthy way. The app lets you unlock the sounds YOU want in your own voice.

Access to CVT Research

Complete Vocal Technique is built on more than 25 years of experience and voice research, which is all reflected in the Research mode in the app. Explanations, video footage, journal articles, and voice analyses are made available in a simple and accessible language.

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