Authorised CVT Teachers

528 Authorised CVT teachers in 33 countries (30 nationalities) Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, The Netherlands, Germany, UK, Estonia, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, Romania, Faroe Island, Poland, Israel, Italy, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Portugal, Aruba, Egypt, Spain, Greece, US and France.

+ ca. 140 in training to become Authorised CVT teacher from 38 countries.
New countries are: Ireland, Croatia, Guatemala, Hungary, Russia & China.


Complete Vocal Technique Book & App

In 10 languages: English, Dutch, German, Finnish, Swedish, Danish, French, Italian, Polish and Spanish.
In making: Russian & Chinese.


Book & App Update

English App April 2017 – 6th Update May 2019
English book update Aug 2019
German update Oct 2013 – reprint 2019
Spanish Nov 2014
Polish April 2014
Italian Nov 2013
Netherlands update Aug 2013
Danish update Nov 2012
Finish updated in mar 2011
French book released in fall 2010
Swedish updated Aug 2009 (sold Out)


Singer educations

3500 from 50 countries have taken a singer education from CVI.


1 year courses

Current CVI 1-year courses in Oslo, Amsterdam, Vienna and Zürich.

Previous CVI 1-year courses in: Gent (Belgium), Hamburg, Stockholm, Reykjavik, Jakobstad (Finland), Helsinki, Utrecht and Einhoven.