When distorting, it is a trick to twang the epiglottic funnel a lot, which contributes to making the sound colour light and sharp. It may feel as if the back of the tongue is positioned behind the molars in the upper part of the mouth, so far back that it does not touch the molars. From there, the tongue must be arched upwards towards the palate as if trying to make the back of the tongue and the back wall meet. Feel how the space between tongue and palate becomes smaller as you press the tongue backwards and upwards. The smaller the space between palate, back wall and tongue, the more distorted the sound becomes. It may feel as if you are mashing a pea on the back wall. The higher up you attempt to ‘place the pea’, the safer the Distortion. Maintain this position during Distortion in both the high and low part of the voice. When the tongue is kept in this high position, it prevents the epiglottic funnel from losing the twang and the larynx from lowering.