To find Edge it is essential to twang the epiglottic funnel distinctly. When the opening of the epiglottic funnel is made smaller by bringing the arytenoid cartilages closer to the lower part of the epiglottis (petiole), the sound assumes a sharper, more penetrating and snarling character, similar to a cackle. This is known as a distinctly twanged sound. The more the opening is squeezed, the more snarling the sound becomes. You can increase your volume by 10 to 15 decibels by twanging this way.

It is easiest to find the distinct twang by practising the following sounds:

  • imitate an infant crying
  • imitate a duck quacking
  • make your voice grating and witch-like
  • speak like someone who has an evil plan
  • imitate a diving aeroplane
  • make the sound of driving a toy car
  • imitate the sound of a very loud ambulance siren
  • say ‘Meow’ (without the o-sound) like a cat or the Russian word “Niet”
  • Imitate Andrea in the puppet show ‘Kaj & Andrea’