Update Courses for Authorised CVT Teachers

Update courses are offered 1-2 times per year: They contain a theoretical update of the technique, research and own questions as a practical update in pedagogic, singing, teaching, cases and own questions
. Cathrine and other CVI Teachers will teach at the update seminar.

Advantages of being an Authorised CVT Teacher

  • Member of a global network where members are ever increasingly being recognized as leaders in the field
  • Listed under “Find a Teacher” at the CVI website
. We update this list after each update so that it always shows exactly who is authorised
  • CVI will refer singers to you and you will be recommended by phone from CVI, and at workshops with Cathrine and other CVI teachers
  • The digital charts will be updated for free after every update a teacher attends. The charts must be bought again after a period without authorisation.

At the update seminars we will arrange a Reunion Dinner & Drinks Saturday evening. This cozy event is a great opportunity to catch up with old study-buddies and meet other CVT teachers for discussions and a good time! Depending on the number of attendees we will have the Dinner & Drinks at CVI or at a nearby restaurant.


3-days update and reunion dinner in February 2021: 575 €
3-days update and reunion dinner in September 2021: 575 €
(The price only covers the 3-days update. The reunion dinner is on the house).
2-days update and Reunion dinner : 400 €
1-day Update and Reunion dinner: 250 €
1-day Update: 200 €
Reunion dinner: 45 € (which covers the food only, the drinks are on the house)
Authorisation has expired: extra update 270 €
(If your authorisation has expired you will need to have an extra update besides the actual 3 day update)

We recommend that everybody comes to an update course once a year, but it is not mandatory to keep an authorization. It is possible to maintain authorization by only attending one update course every third year if you work as a singing teacher on a regular basis. And there is even the possibility to update without attending one single update course.

NEW – 1 Day Density

The Course is offered exclusively for the Authorised CVT Teachers and is made for those who wish to work more with Density.

We have added an extra day after each update (placed on the monday after the update), for those who wish to work more in depths with Density singing and teaching. You can sign up for that specific day separately on this site, if you wish to add an extra day. The course fee for 1 Day Density is DKK 1.500 / € 200:

This day runs from 10.00 – 17.00 and topic will be working with density in SWDA, AA, Pedagogical Cases & Questions.

We will overall be working practically with density, and how to use the different degrees of density in your own singing with DA,
as well as getting tools on how to teach singers, who wish to work more advanced in all the modes.
We will hear different AA examples, analyse and learn to recognise the varieties of different sounds, that can be produced in both full and reduced density.

Please note that the 1 Day Density course is  only for people attending the update or for the people recently updated.

Spring 2020

February 21 – 23, 2020

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Spring 2021

February 26 – 28, 2021

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Fall 2021

September 24 – 26, 2021

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1 Day Density

March 1, 2021

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1 Day Density

September 27, 2021

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